Thank you for your interest in applying to UMSL!

We are currently accepting applications for the Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Summer 2022, and Fall 2022 terms. Select your student type below to get started.

Please note if you are applying to start a class for one of our 8-week sessions, you need to apply for the semester that the 8-week session is in. For example: If you are applying to start classes in March of 2021, you would apply using the Spring 2021 application.  

*Seeking college credit while still in high school? Visit the Advanced Credit Program site for application information.

How to Apply
Choose your student type below to begin an online application for your Bachelor's degree. UMSL also accepts undergraduate applications through the Common Application or Printed Application

Application Materials
  • Transcripts: Official transcripts should be sent to UMSL from your high school (and all colleges/universities where you have college credit)

  • ACT/SAT: Official ACT or SAT score.
    • Fall 2022 Freshman Applicants:
      View our Test-optional policy to learn more about consideration without a test score.
  • First Time Freshmen, Transfer and Returning Students

    First time Freshmen - students who are currently in high school, or just graduated, who have not attended a college or university before enrolling at UMSL to obtain a degree; includes students applying with early college credit.

    Transfer students - students transferring from another college or university with at least 24 earned semester hours of college-level work.

    Returning Students - students who were admitted to UMSL but did not enroll, or students who did enroll but have not been actively enrolled for a period of an academic year or longer.

    umsl Undergraduate Application
  • Visiting Students

    A visiting student is one who has completed at least one semester at another institution and plans to return to that college or university after completing selected courses at UMSL.

    Visiting Student Application
  • Non-Degree Students

    A non-degree-seeking student is someone interested in taking classes for personal or professional development, but not currently seeking to obtain a degree from UMSL.

    Non-Degree Seeking Application
  • Non-Degree Undergraduate Application for Teaching Certificate

    UMSL requires an official transcript from the institution where you received your Undergraduate Bachelors Degree. To apply to be an undergraduate Teacher Certification seeking student, complete this application.

    undergraduate Teacher Certification Application

Graduate school degrees provide opportunities for advanced education after completion of a bachelor's degree program. Professional degrees help students prepare for practice orientated fields such as Optometry.



For any questions you may have please contact the Office of Admissions or you can also contact one of our Admission representatives.

It is recommended that you close all other browser tabs and windows before starting the application. If you experience any problems, please clear your cache (delete your cookies) and try to continue. If you prefer, you can use a printed PDF format of the application as an Undergraduate Applicant. All Graduate applications must be submitted online.