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    Common Searches

    View and Pay Online

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    to make an online payment.

    Student Login

    Authorized Payer Login

    Additional Authorized Access

    Guest Payer

    No login required

    International Wire Transfer

    Students can view and pay billing statements by clicking the Student Login link above.  Login to TouchNet with your SSO ID and password.

    Authorized Payers can view and pay billing statements by clicking the Authorized Payer Login link above.  Login to TouchNet with your email address and password.

    Non-Authorized (Guest) payers can pay billing statements by clicking the Guest Payer Login link above.  Login to PayPath with the students eight digit student ID#, Date of Birth, Last name, and Term of intended payment. Non-Authorized payers can pay by Credit Card only. A service fee of 2.85% of the amount charged will apply to all credit card payments with a $3.00 minimum service fee. Guest payers do not have access to view online bills.

    The online payment system is secure, and payments are posted in real time to your student account.  Payment can be made from a checking or savings account  or by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. A non-refundable service fee (2.85% of the total amount charged with a $3.00 minimum service fee) applies to all credit card payments.  A payment made by debit card is treated as a credit card payment and the 2.85% service fee applies.  To avoid the service fee, select the e-check option and enter your bank routing and account numbers.   

    Fees may be paid online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (with the exception of maintenance on Sunday until noon).    Payments submitted after midnight or on weekends will be posted to the student account with an effective date of the next business day.

    Check with your banking institution prior to submitting an online payment to make sure that your account allows ACH withdrawals.

    For help making a payment on a mobile device or tablet, click here.