General advising services for current and prospective students are offered through the Dr. Marcus Allen Advising Center in 303 Lucas Hall. Here, a team of professional advisors serve most majors in the School of Fine and Performing Arts and the College of Arts and Sciences. For a office hours and a list of advisor contacts by academic program, visit the Advising Center Website or call (314) 516-5501.

In addition to reviewing degree plans, registering students for classes and lifting holds, advisors help students understand the university's programs, requirements, policies and procedures, help answer any questions or concerns students may have, and refer students to available campus resources based on need among other administrative duties. Come prepared: Here are several things students can do before meeting with an advisor:


Degree-specific advising for current and prospective students is also offered by our program faculty/advising coordinators.The department advising coordinator can provide information on specific courses offered or any other information which will help you reach your educational goals.

Art Education
Jennifer Fisher
201 Fine Arts Building
(314) 516-7288

Art History
Maureen Quigley
507 Lucas Hall
(314) 516-5670

Gary Brandes
211 Music Building
(314) 516-5980

Dan Younger
205 Fine Arts Building
(314) 516-6968

Studio Art
Michael Behle
210 Fine Arts Building
(314) 516-5997