UMSL art and design

Students with degrees in studio art find careers in teaching, advertising, public relations, graphic design, illustration, film and video production, arts administration, art restoration, product and industrial design, framing, and commercial photography.

BFA in Studio Art with concentrations in Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Graphic Design and General Fine Arts

BFA in Studio Art with Emphasis in Art Education

Museum Studies Collaborative Program

Minor in Studio Art

Minor in Art History

Certificate in Photographic Studies


A music degree builds the foundation for a career in professional performance, for teaching in a school or private studio or for serving as a church music director. A music degree may also prepare one for positions in the music industry (recording, publishing, radio programming, manufacturing, or music retail). A trained artistic mind can also be valuable in the fields of advertising, public relations, and consumer services.

Bachelor of Music with emphasis in Music Education, Performance, Composition, Theory

Bachelor of Music with elective studies in Business

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Minor in Music

Minor in Jazz Studies