Graduate Tuition | UMSL
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    Graduate Tuition

    There are so many reasons to chose UMSL, and our graduate tuition value is one of them. Both Missouri and Illinois residents qualify for graduate in-state tuition, and residents of other states may qualify for reduced rates as well.

    Follow the links below to see what goes into calculating a graduate student's tuition & fees.

    Tuition and Fees

    The UMSL Cashiers Office provides extensive information about tuition & fee rates for each fiscal year. Applicants can calculate a quick, general estimate of tuition and fees by using the Fee Estimator here!

    International Admissions

    Applicants that have international transcripts are processed by the UMSL Global Office. International applicants are encouraged to reach out to the UMSL Global Office with questions related to Non-Resident tuition, assessments (such as TOEFL), visas & immigration, and priority deadlines.

    Residency Information

    This link walks applicants through the residency requirements that must be satisfied for them to be classified as a Resident for Fee Purposes.

    Midwest Student Exchange Program

    This program makes out-of-state tuition more affordable for students from several Midwestern states. See if you qualify with the application linked above.

    Metropolitan Rate Program (for Illinois Residents)

    This program allows Illinois residents access to in-state tuition.