A-Z Index | UMSL
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    Common Searches

    The A-Z Index is a guide to UMSL websites and general, university-wide information.

    Looking for degree options? Visit the Majors & Degrees page.

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    About UMSL
    Academic Advising
    Academic Affairs 314-516-5371
    Academic Calendar
    Accelerated Degrees (Degree in 3)
    Accelerate/Entrepreneurship 314-516-4626
    Accounting Department, College of Business Administration 314-516-6142
    Accounting Services, Office of Finance 314-516-5087
    ACT Preparation
    Actuarial Science 314-516-5501
    Admissions, Graduate 314-516-5458
    Admissions, Undergraduate 314-516-5451
    Admissions, International 314-516-5753
    Advanced Credit Programs 314-516-7005
    Advancement, University 314-516-4109
    Affirmative Action (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
    Alpha Phi Omega
    Alpha Xi Delta
    Alumni Records and Development Systems 314-516-4149
    Anthropology and Archaeology, Department of 314-516-6020
    Apartments (Residential Life) 314-516-6877
    Apartments (University Meadows) 314-516-6877
    Archives, University 314-516-5060
    Art + Design, Department of 314-516-5975
    Arts and Sciences, College of
    Anthropology and Archaeology
    Actuarial Science
    Art + Design
    Chemistry and Biochemistry 
    Criminology and Criminal Justice
    Communication and Media
    Computer Science
    Gender Studies
    Interdisciplinary Studies 
    Language and Cultural Studies 
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Military and Veterans Studies 
    Physics and Astronomy
    Political Science
    Psychological Sciences 
    Assessment (University)
    Assessment Center (Campus Testing Center) 314-516-6396
    Astronomy (and Physics) 314-516-4146
    Athletics 314-516-5503
    Bachelor of Liberal Studies
    Banking Facility, US Bank 314-385-9465
    Behavioral Health, Center for 314-516-4357
    Benefits, Employee
    Biochemistry and Biotechnology 314-516-6205
    Biology, Department of 314-516-6200
    Black Faculty/Staff Association 314-516-5000
    Blackboard (MyGateway)
    Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center 314-516-4949
    Bookstore & Computer Shop (Triton Store) 314-516-5763
    Bridge Program (Precollegiate Program) 314-516-5196
    Budget Services 314-516-5301
    Bulletin (Course Catalog)
    Business Administration, College of
    Center for Business and Industrial Studies
    Center for Transportation Studies (Now Supply Chain Risk And Resilience Research Institute)
    Doctor of Business Administration
    Executive Education and Professional Studies
    Finance and Legal Studies
    Global Leadership and Management
    Graduate Business Programs
    Information Systems and Technology
    International Business Institute
    Marketing and Entrepreneurship
    Supply Chain and Analytics
    Undergraduate Business Programs
    Business Services 314-516-5362
    Calendars and Campus Events
    Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) 314-516-5211
    Campus Closure Procedures
    Campus Communications (UMSL Daily)
    Campus Maps
    Campus Mediation Services 314-516-7200
    Campus Police 314-516-5155
    Campus Recreation 314-516-2348
    Campus Shuttle 314-516-4190
    Campus Testing Center 314-516-6396
    Career Services 314-516-5111
    Careers at UMSL (for prospective employees) 314-516-5805
    Cashier's Office 314-516-5151
    Catalog, Course (myView)
    Catering 314-516-4321
    Catholic Newman Center 314-385-3455
    CBASE (College BASE Exam)
    Center for
    Chancellor’s Certificate Computer Classes (Computer Classes)
    Chancellor, Office of 314-516-5252
    Chemistry and Biochemistry 314-516-5311
    Child Development Center 314-516-5658
    CLEP, College Level Examination Program
    CMS Users (Content Management System) 314-516-6178
    Collaborative Vision, Des Lee
    College of
    Collegiate Learning Assessment
    Commencement 314-516-4898
    Common Read
    Communication and Media, Department of 314-516-5486
    Communications, University Marketing and 314-516-6690
    Community Collaborations, Outreach and Engagement 314-516-5267
    Community Innovation and Action Center (CIAC) 314-516-5145
    Community Psychological Service 314-516-5824
    Compliance (Research and Commercialization) 314-516-5972
    Computer Education & Training Center (West County) 314-984-9000
    Computer Science, Department of 314-516-6355
    Computer Shop and Bookstore (Triton Store) 314-516-6355
    Computing Labs (Instructional Support Services) 314-516-6852
    Conference Center Rentals (Event Services) 314-516-4100
    Conference Services (Office of Residential Life) 314-516-6877
    Construction Operations 314-516-6469
    Counseling Services 314-516-5711
    Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination
    Course Catalog / Schedule (myView)
    Course Listings (Registrar)
    Courses of Instruction (Bulletin)
    Creating Whole Communities
    Criminology and Criminal Justice, Department of 314-516-5031
    Cross Campus Enrollment
    Culture Centers
    Current Online (Student Newspaper) 314-516-5174
    Custodian of Records
    Cybersecurity 314-516-6279
    Cybersecurity and Information Technology Innovation Lab (CITIL) 314-516-7354
    Dean of Students
    Degree Audit Program (DARS)
    Degree Completion (Organizational Leadership)
    Degree Completion (Bachelor of Liberal Studies)
    Degree in 3 (Accelerated degrees)
    Degree Programs (Majors and Degrees)
    Des Lee Collaborative Vision 314-516-5267
    Desmond Lee Technology and Learning Center, E. 314-516-5937
    Development, University 314-516-4109
    Development Systems and Alumni Records 314-516-4149
    Disability Access Services 314-516-6554
    Discrimination (Title IX and Equity) 314-516-4538
    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Office of 314-516-5695
    Diversity Council, Chancellor's Cultural 314-516-5695
    Division of Student Affairs 314-516-5211
    Doctor of Business Administration 314-516-4528
    Donate to UMSL
    Dual Enrollment Program
    Economic and Community Development
    Economics, Department of 314-516-5353
    E. Desmond Lee Technology and Learning Center 314-516-5753
    Educational Fees (Cashiers) 314-516-5151
    Education Abroad Office
    Education, College of
    Employee Benefits, Human Resources 314-516-5805
    Employee Volunteer Program 314-516-5805
    Engineering, UMSL/Washington University Joint Undergraduate Program
    English, Department of 314-516-5541
    Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Department of 314-516-6265
    Environmental Health and Safety 314-516-6360
    Equal Opportunity
    Event Services at UMSL 314-516-4100
    Excellence in Financial Counseling, Center for 314-516-5191
    Executive Education and Professional Studies
    Executive Events 314-516-4898
    Executive Leadership Consortium 314-516-4749
    Executive Searches
    Eye Care, UMSL 314-516-5131
    Facilities Rentals (Event Services) 314-516-4100
    Fact Book
    Facilities Management 314-516-5000
    Faculty Accomplishment System
    Faculty Awards
    Faculty Handbook
    Faculty Resource Center 314-516-6704
    Faculty Senate and University Assembly 314-516-6769
    Faculty and Staff Webmail
    Finance and Administration 314-516-5000
    Finance (Accounting Services) 314-516-5087
    Finance and Legal Studies, Department of 314-516-6420
    Financial Aid 314-516-5526
    Fine and Performing Arts 314-516-4570
    Food Services 314-516-7336
    Fraternity and Sorority Life
    Freedom of Expression Statement
    Free Speech Guidelines
    French Art Guide
    Gallery 210 314-516-5976
    Gateway Writing Project
    Gender Studies 314-516-5265
    General Education
    Geospatial Collaborative 314-516-5000
    German Culture Center 314-516-6620
    Gerontology 314-516-6020
    Give to UMSL
    Global, UMSL 314-516-5753
    Global Leadership and Management 
    Government Association, Student
    (Computer & Information Technology Museum)
    Graduate Admissions 314-516-5900
    Graduate School 314-516-5900
    Graduation (Commencement)
    Greek Studies
    Greek Life (Fraternity & Sorority Life) 314-516-5291
    Grounds Maintenance 314-516-6323
    Handbook, Faculty
    Handbook, Staff
    Handbook, Student (Student Planner)
    Harris World Ecology Center, Whitney R. 314-516-4246
    Health, Counseling and Disability Access Services 314-516-5671
    Health Insurance, Student Plan 877-375-7905
    Help Desk (Technology Support Center) 314-516-6034
    History, Department of 314-516-5681
    Honors College, Pierre Laclede 314-516-5243
    Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
    Housing, Residential Life and 314-516-6877
    Human Resources 314-516-5805
    Humanities, Center for the 314-516-5699
    Illinois, Tuition Rate
    Inclement Weather (Campus Closures)
    Information Systems and Technology, Department of 314-516-6267
    Information Technology Services 314-516-6000
    Institutional Outcomes
    Institutional Research 314-516-6101
    Institutional Safety - UMSL Police 314-516-5155
    Instructional Support Services 314-516-6852
    Integrity and Accountability Hotline
    Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization 314-516-6884
    Interdisciplinary Studies
    International Business Career Conference
    International Business Institute 314-516-4503
    International Master of Business Administration
    International Student and Scholar Services 314-516-5229
    IP (Intellectual Property) Management and Commercialization
    J.C. Penney Building, (UMSL Conference Center) 314-516-4100
    Judicial Affairs  (Student Conduct and Community Standards) 314-516-5211
    Kathy J. Weinman Children's Advocacy Centre 314-516-6647
    Keep Learning (Online Support for Students)
    Keep Teaching (Online Support for Faculty)
    KWMU (St. Louis Public Radio) 314-516-5968
    Labor Studies Certificate Program
    Language Tutoring 314-516-6240
    Languages, Department of Language and Cultural Studies 314-516-6240
    Latinx at UMSL
    Latina/Latino Studies
    Learning Resource Lab (Now Office of eLearning) 314-516-6704
    Liberal Studies Online
    Libraries, University 314-516-5060
    Loans, Student (Financial Aid) 314-516-5526
    Mail Services (Postal Services) 314-516-5204
    Majors & Degrees
    Maps, Campus
    Marketing and Entreprenuership, Department of 314-516-6265
    Marketing and Communications, University 314-516-6690
    Master of Accounting 314-516-5888
    Master of Business Administration 314-516-5885
    Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing  314-516-5541
    Master of Public Policy Administration 314-516-6378
    Math Academic Center 314-516-6355
    Math Placement Test
    Math Technology Learning Center 314-516-6355
    Mathematics and Statistics, Department of 314-516-6355
    Media Relations (University Marketing and Communications) 314-516-6690
    Media Studies, (Department of Communication and Media) 314-516-5486
    Mediation Service 314-516-7200
    Meeting Room Rentals (Event Services) 314-516-4100
    Metro Rate (Illinois)
    Mercantile Library, St. Louis 314-516-7240
    Microbes in Action
    Mid-Semester Online Feedback
    Military and Veterans Studies 314-516-6037
    Millennium Student Center 314-516-5022
    Missouri Institute of Mental Health (MIMH) 314-516-8400
    Minority Affairs (Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) 314-516-5695
    Mission Statement
    Missouri Research Park
    MoGEA (Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments)
    Multicultural Student Services, Office of  314-516-6807
    Museum Studies
    Music, Department of 314-516-5980
    MyConnect (Starfish)
    National Public Radio (KWMU) 314-516-5968
    Natural Bridge (Contemporary Literature Journal)
    Neighborhood Leadership Academy 314-516-6392
    Neighborhood Leadership Fellows 314-516-6392
    Neurodynamics, Center for 314-516-7150
    New Student Programs 314-516-5036
    New Student Orientation 314-516-5291
    Newspaper, Student (The Current)
    Newsroom, (UMSL Daily) 314-516-6690
    Nonprofit Management and Leadership
    Nosh, Dining 314-516-7366
    Nuestro Espacio (Latinx Student Resource Website)
    Nursing, College of 314-516-6066
    Observatory, Richard D. Schwartz 314-516-5933
    Off-Campus Degree Completion Program
    Offsite Campus Testing 314-516-6396
    Online Learning Support for Students
    Online Teaching Support for Faculty
    Online Mentor Program
    Online Testing Center 314-516-6396
    Open Records Request
    Opportunity Scholars
    Optometry, College of 314-516-5606
    UMSL Eye Care 314-516-5131
    Organizational Leadership (Bachelor of Arts)
    Organizations, Student 
    Orientation, Faculty
    Orientation, New Student 314-516-5291
    Panhellenic Organizations
    Pantry, Triton
    Parent and Guardian Resources 314-516-5211
    Parking and Transportation 314-516-4190
    Payroll, Employee
    PeopleSoft (Administrative Systems)
    Performing Arts Center, Blanche M. Touhill 314-516-4949
    Personnel (Human Resources) 314-516-5805
    Phi Kappa Phi, Honor Society of
    Philosophy, Department of 314-516-5631
    Phonebook, Campus
    Physics and Astronomy, Department of 314-516-5933
    Pierre Laclede Honors College 314-516-5243
    Planetarium 314-516-5933
    Planning (Strategic)
    Planning and Design (Facilities Management) 314-516-6375
    Police, Campus 314-516-5155
    Political Science, Department of 314-516-5521
    Postal Services 314-516-5204
    Precollegiate Student Services  314-516-5196
    Pre-Health Advising
    Printing Services (University Marketing and Communications) 314-516-5000
    Procurement Services (UM System)
    Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
    Provost, Office of the 314-516-5371
    Psychological Sciences, Department of 314-516-5393
    Publications (University Marketing and Communications)
    Public Policy Administration Program 314-516-6378
    Public Records System
    Public Relations (University Marketing and Communications) 314-516-6690
    Radio Station (St. Louis Public Radio) 314-516-5968
    Radio Station, Student (The U)
    Records and Transcripts 314-516-5545
    Recreation and Wellness Center 314-516-2348
    Registration 314-516-5545
    Research, Student
    Research Development 314-516-5674
    Research and Economic & Community Development, Office of 314-516-5899
    Research Enabled (industry-sponsored research portal) 314-516-6884
    Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) 314-935-5521
    Residency Information
    Residential Life & Housing, Office of 314-516-6877
    Retention Services, (Office of Student Enrichment and Achievement) 314-516-5300
    Retirees Association
    Safe Zone
    Safety Information
    Sanvello Health and Wellness App
    Schedule of Courses
    Scholarships, Financial Aid 314-516-5529
    School of Social Work 314-516-6385
    Science and Technology Academic Center
    Science Education Programs
    Senate, Faculty (Faculty Senate and University Assembly)
    Serious on Safety
    Sex Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Violence (Title IX) 314-516-4538
    Sexual Assault Research and Education (SARE) Program
    Shuttle, Campus 314-516-4190
    Sister Scholars-in-Training
    Social Media Directory
    Social Work, School of 314-516-6385
    Sociology 314-516-5173
    Sodexo, Food Service 314-516-7366
    Sorority Life
    Special Events (Executive Events) 314-516-4898
    Sponsored Projects Administration 314-516-5923
    St. Louis Psychology Internship Consortium
    Staff Association
    Staff and Faculty Webmail
    Starfish (MyConnect)
    STARS Program
    Strategic Planning
    Student Academic Support Services
    Student Activities
    Student Advocacy and Care 314-516-6369
    Student Affairs, Division of 314-516-5211
    Student Center, Millennium 314-516-5022
    Student Computing Labs 314-516-6852
    Student Conduct and Community Standards
    Student Consumer Information
    Student Employment
    Student Enrichment and Achievement, Office of 314-516-5300
    Student Financial Aid 314-516-5526
    Student Government Association
    Student Health Insurance Plan 877-375-7905
    Student Health Services 314-516-5671
    Student Involvement, Office of 314-516-5291
    Student Loans (Financial Aid) 314-516-5526
    Student Organizations
    Student Manual
    Student Radio Station (The U)
    Student Research at UMSL
    Student Success, Academic Affairs ( Task Force) 314-516-5371
    Student Support Services
    Student Email
    Study Abroad Office 314-516-5753
    Study Hall (University Tutoring Center) 314-516-6807
    Summer Session (Courses)
    Sunshine Law Request
    Supply Chain and Analytics, Department of 314-516-6130
    Teach in 12 (College of Education) 314-516-5932
    Teaching and Learning, Center for 314-516-4508
    Technology and Learning Center, E. Desmond Lee 314-516-4800
    Technology Support Center 314-516-6034
    Technology Transfer
    Telephone Services 314-516-6500
    Tenure and Promotion Guidelines
    Testing Center, Campus 314-516-6396
    Title IX and Equity (Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Violence) 314-516-4538
    Touhill Performing Arts Center, Blanche M. 314-516-4949
    Tours, Campus 314-516-4104
    Training, Technology
    Transcripts (Office of the Registrar) 314-516-5545
    Transfer Services and Off-Campus Sites, Office of 314-516-5162
    Trauma Recovery, Center for 314-516-6738
    TRIO Student Support Services Program 314-516-6807
    TritonCard Services
    Triton Manual (Student Handbook)
    Triton Pantry
    Triton Print
    Triton Store 314-516-5763
    Tutoring (University Tutoring Center) 314-516-6807
    U, The (UMSL Student Radio Station)
    US Bank (Banking Facility)
    UMSL CARE (Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation) 314-516-5211
    UMSL Computer Program (UCP) 314-516-6128
    UMSL Daily
    UMSL Eye Care  314-516-5131
    UMSL Global 314-516-5753
    UMSL Magazine
    UMSL/Washington University Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program 314-516-6800
    Undeclared Students
    Undergraduate Research
    Undergraduate Research at the College of Arts and Sciences
    University Advancement 314-516-4109
    University Archives
    University Assembly (Faculty Senate and University Assembly)
    University Bookstore and Computer Shop 314-516-5763
    University Child Development Center 314-516-5658
    University Health, Counseling and Disability Access Service 314-516-5671
    University Libraries 314-516-5060
    University Marketing and Communications 314-516-6690
    University Meadows
    University Tutoring Center 314-516-6807
    Veterans Center 314-516-5705
    Veterans, Student Association
    Video Technology Services
    Weather (Campus Closures)
    Webmail (Faculty and Staff)
    Webmail (Students) 
    Website Policies 
    Weddings (Provincial House Chapel)
    Welcome Center 314-516-5451
    Wellness, Employee
    West County Computer Center (Computer Education / Training Center) 314-984-9000
    Western Historical Manuscript Collection (State Historical Society of Missouri Research Center-St. Louis)
    Weinman Child Advocacy Centre, Kathy J. 314-516-6798
    Whitney R. Harris World Ecology Center 314-516-4246
    Writing Center 314-516-6863
    Writing Certificate Program 
    Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority