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    Student Financial Aid Home


    Starting June 7th, 2021, the Student Financial Aid (SFA) Office is temporarily moving to 285 MSC with the Cashiers Office. If you are on campus, please visit us there.

    The SFA office also focuses on providing flexible options for delivering quality service to our students while supporting your educational journey at UMSL. We are happy to assist you via phone, email and Zoom platform during our regular business hours, which have been modified. The following guidelines are available until further notice.

    BUSINESS HOURS: 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday (except on holidays as announced)

    PHONE: (314) 516-5526


    ZOOM MEETING: Please email us to schedule a Zoom meeting with our coordinators

    Campus Resource on COVID-19 

    Stay safe and strong together!


    Everything about FSA / FAFSA

    Complete the FAFSA form for 2021-2022 AY!

    Details on FAFSA dependency status

    Log in FSA ID website

    Financial Aid Guides

    How to Accept your Financial Aid

    2021 Summer Financial Aid Guide

    Scholarships and Grants helpful links

    Our list of Scholarships and Grants

    Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant

    Have you heard of the new initiative put on by the state of Missouri? The Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant is for students over the age of 25 or who have been not been enrolled in school for the past two years. If you are studying in a certain program, eligible programs can be found here, your tuition and fees can be covered through this grant program. For more information or to apply, click here